Avoid the winter blues!

Come winters and the vata dosha (air and ether) becomes dominant causing low immunity, melancholy and dryness. Here are some simple Ayurvedic tips to calm the aggravated Vata dosha and keep the winter blues away!
  1. Regularity in lifestyle is must as Vata is characterized by restlessness, mobility and randomness. This includes working at fixed times of the day, clearing the bowls in the morning, rising and sleeping at similar hours of the day and eating on time.
  1. The principle on which ayurvedic diet is based is “samanya vridhi karanam” so include foods that are unctuous to balance dryness, some "heavy" foods to offer substance and sustained nourishment, smooth textured foods to offset roughness and warm foods to balance the cool nature of Vata in your dietThis means including sweet, salty and sour testes in your diet. Cow ghee is absolutely essential! It is a tonic for brain, skin, and bones; and kindles the digestive fire without disturbing the pitta. Other foods such as honey, nuts and seeds, milk, potatoes, grains such as rice and wheat, spices such as turmeric and black pepper, mung beans are ideal for a vata-balancing diet.
  1. Abhyanga simply put, means oiling your body. In order to keep your skin soft and healthy one should massage the body according to the oil which suits your constitution. Self-massage also aids in increasing self-esteem and confidence. Warm oils such as sesame and almond are most appropriate to pacify vata. If one has trouble sleeping then massaging the soles of the feet before sleeping and having a warm, aromatic bath helps calm the nerves and increase circulation.
  1. Lastly, protect yourself from the cold wind by keeping your ears and throat covered when you go out. A walk and/or asanas in the morning to jump start your day on an active note. Practicing the Sanatan Kriya daily will enhance the mind-body coordination and take care of the rest!


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