The Revered Cow

Our coming generations have a strong western bias and firmly believe that the vedic culture is mumbo-jumbo, and that there is no science behind the worship and rituals. I would like to present certain facts about the efficacy and the global acceptability of the vedic principles to the younger generation.
Recently, I came across the diary of Sir Cunningham at the national archives. He had sketched out a calf and a cow on the third page of the diary and discussed the scientific and logical benefits of preserving this animal. One can find references to the cow across cultures. The Egyptians worshipped her as Hathor, the goddess of fertility, while those from this side of the Indus called her the Kamdhenu and Nandi. The Greeks knew her as Lo and the Nordics as Audhumbla, the primeval cow who licked ice and brought mankind into existence. So, what is it about the cow that caused it to be revered across cultures and also caught the attention of the learned archaeologist?
The cow is indeed a special animal, and its every aspect is a boon to mankind. The vedic seers called it the mother, the source of nourishment of creation and it lives up to the title through its various products – milk and its derivatives. Ghee, curd, butter, etc form an important dietary component for us humans, the dung is a fuel and a natural fertiliser, the urine acts as a natural pesticide and has medicinal uses. 
In fact, there is a story in the Mahabharata where the great sage Chyawan, in a barter deal with King Nahush, puts his worth as equivalent to a cow – indicating how evolved a being it is. It is an intelligent being and the karmic implications of causing hurt to it are severe, likewise the karmic benefits of serving it are also manifold. Various cultures describe the immense benefits of preserving and serving this animal. It is said that if you regularly feed cows and they lick your head then your hidden mental abilities fructify. This was true for the great Saint Kabir, for his poetic abilities manifested only once he was licked by a cow on his head. Massaging a cow ensures a strong and beautiful body with longevity. Doing service to its calf gives you the benefit of healthy relationships in your life. Also, in no culture or religion is eating its meat considered healthy. 

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