Daily Routine

A few techniques and tricks that will make you look and feel good.

 •Use natural products like neem datun (green twig of neem tree). It is a better substitute for cleaning teeth.

•After a walk or asanas in the morning massaging the body with sesame or mustard oil is very useful. After the massage a 15-20 min rest is prescribed, to be followed by bath.

•In earlier times sesame oil or ghee used to be applied in the ears, navel, nostrils and hair, after bath. Oil in ears and nostrils saves the damage from dust and pollution. Oil on the navel helps the stomach and internal organs from the effect of vata. Oil is also a tonic for hair and brain.

•One should always clean the mouth and wash hands and feet before retiring to bed as it induces sleep. Massaging the feet with oil at night helps one relax and go off to sleep very easily and is a good practice for people suffering from insomnia.


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