Nourishing Foods

Nourishing Foods
Ayurveda expert from Quinta Essentia, Arti Gaur shares a few ancient secrets

Dhatus remain in the state of balance and excellence when proper nourishment is provided, by maintaining a health regimen and a nourishing diet. The article describes the foods which promote excellence in dhatus.

Milk and milk products: Milk is considered as a complete diet that provides strength, improves complexion and offers nourishment to all seven dhatus as it exhibits properties of Ojas - the essence of all the dhatus. Out of all the varieties of milk, cow's milk is considered to be the best. Milk is usually good for people who have powerful digestion, especially who indulge in a lot of sexual activity, physical and mental labour.

Milk has a cool potency and is unctuous, heavy, sweet and dense and when had cold, compounds the heaviness and coldness. Though cold milk is only good for people suffering from high pitta, it is most beneficial when had warm with ghee, honey and some spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon or honey to reduce the effect of kapha and make it easily digestible.

People suffering from symptoms of aggravated vata should avoid milk or add the above mentioned spices and drink it hot or cooked with food grains like dalia (broken wheat), oats or with besan (gram flour). Milk of buffalo is heavier and colder than cow's milk and is good for people suffering from insomnia and rapid digestion.

Butter/ghee: The most essential nutrient in a healthy diet, it is a general tonic for brain, skin, and bones. It kindles digestive fire without disturbing the pitta. As a rule, anna should never be eaten without ghee or some kind of fat.

Curd: Curd is an appetiser, and extremely beneficial in anorexia. It is very nourishing to people emaciated due to diseases. It is unctuous, strong and hot in potency. It is also useful for anyone suffering from diarrhoea or dysuria and generally harmful during extreme summer, spring, rains and autumn, and for diseases caused by vitiation of blood, pitta and kapha. Immature curd aggravates all three doshas. Cream of curd produces semen in large quantities.

Buttermilk: In western Asia it is a belief that there is no abdominal disease which cannot be cured by buttermilk taken with appropriate condiments and spices.


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