Rejuvenating The Body by Yogi Ashwini

The body can soak in the fresh prana more readily once we get rid of all doshas or imbalances.

Ayurveda has eight specialised branches and is often referred to as ashtanga ayurveda. One of these branches is called rasayana tantra, which deals with maintenance and promotion of good health, but is beneficial only if the body is free of ailments. Therefore, the requirement of elimination of toxins was prescribed first. After elimination of disturbed doshas, the body becomes more efficient in assimilation of fresh prana and is ready for rejuvenation.

Besides other sources, the body also derives prana from the food we eat. During the process of digestion, the food gets transformed into various forms, the prasad (nutrients) is utilised by the body and the mala (waste) is thrown out. Rasa (the nourishing fluid) is the first manifestation or dhatu produced from the prasad part of the digested food. Rasayanas are those preparations that produce excellence in rasa dhatu, which in turn nourishes all other dhatus. The main function of rasa is to nourish the body. Thus nourishing the rasa dhatu brings longevity, good memory, strength, clear skin and complexion. Here are two easy therapies for rejuvenation:
Tulsi (holy basil) is one of the best immunity builders and rasayana herbs available in our country. It is good for all body types, but excess use is not advised for pitta types. So is honey. A teaspoon each of tulsi juice and honey provides abundant pranic energy and fights almost all kind of infections and weaknesses. Honey for preparation of ayurvedic potions should preferably be at least a year old.
Mulethi or powdered licorice root mixed with warm milk is also said to strengthen jatharagni (digestive fire), clear complexion and build immunity.
The effects of rasayana therapies start showing after regular use for at least six months. Mulethi strengthens the stomach and sexual organs but should be avoided by people suffering from heart ailments, especially high blood pressure.


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